Online Board Meetings Benefits

With a lot of companies shifting to working at home as a permanent measure following the pandemic, teleconferences have become more frequent than ever. Virtual meetings are practical however, there are some challenges to consider.

Participants who are less engaged may be frightened by a remote meeting initially, because they aren’t used to important site about Online Board Meeting communicating via online communication. This can lead to a reduced participation in the meeting. This can hinder board progress and derail the company’s agenda.

It is sometimes difficult to read the body language and facial expressions during a discussion online which can cause confusion. A lack of eye contact can also make some directors feel less confident speaking up and become passive listeners, which is not ideal for boards.

Utilizing the board portal may aid in solving these problems. For instance, a board management tool with an encrypted video conference feature makes it easy to record meetings and keep important documents in one location. Directors can then access the documents and minutes at any time, from any device, even prior to the next meeting.

It is also an excellent idea to make sure the meeting space is clean and distraction-free. The meeting shouldn’t be held during mealtimes, and everyone is encouraged to put their phones in a silent mode when they are not speaking to minimize background noise. The chair should be able to observe the attendees and guide them to only use their microphones if they are required.