I can See You Yet again – Amrita Pritam

New time clock regarding every day life is injury but when, and no guy gets the capability to tell simply in the event that hand will stop at later or early hours. Now’s the actual only real date you possess real time, like, toil having a may lay no trust in the next day, into the clock can then feel nonetheless.

People We like

Those individuals we love remain with our team To possess love alone existence on, And you may enjoyed memories never ever disappear Since a liked your moved. Those people we love can never be much more than simply an idea apart, As long as there is thoughts, They’ll go on throughout the center.

I will see you once more Just how and you may in which I am aware not Possibly I’m able to become good Figment of creativeness And perhaps dispersed myself Inside a mystical range On the material I will keep gazing during the you. Maybe I will feel a ray Out-of sunrays to-be Welcomed by the colors I am able to decorate me personally on your own material I know maybe not just how and you can where – But I am able to meet you needless to say. ing Drops out of drinking water on your body And you will other people my coolness in your burning boobs I am aware simply that the life Commonly walk as well as me. In the event that looks perishes All the perishes Nevertheless the threads of memories Is actually woven off lasting atoms I am able to see such particles Weave brand new threads And i also will meet you yet again.

There’s no Demise – J. L. McCreery

There is no dying! The latest stars drop To rise on some other coast, And you may vibrant inside heaven’s jeweled top They shine forevermore.

There’s absolutely no passing! The latest tree actually leaves Become lifetime new viewless air; Brand new rocks disorganize to feed This new eager moss they sustain.

There isn’t any dying! Brand new dust i tread Should change, in june showers So you’re able to wonderful cereals, or mellowed fresh fruit, Or rainbow-tinted plant life.

There is no dying! New makes get fall, And you may plant life could possibly get diminish and pass away– They merely waiting, as a result of wintry era, This new enjoying, nice inhale regarding Can get.

There’s absolutely no passing! The choicest gift ideas You to eden hath be sure to lent to help you earth Are ever basic to get again The country of their birth.

And all items that for progress otherwise glee Try value all of our love otherwise worry, find a hookup in Owen Sound Canada Whose losses possess left united states desolate, Was securely garnered truth be told there.

The brand new sound out-of birdlike beat We keeps skipped and mourned such a long time, Today mingles towards the angel choir Inside eternal track.

There isn’t any passing! While we grieve Whenever breathtaking, familiar models That we discovered to enjoy is actually torn Of the looking at fingers–

Even when having bowed and you will breaking heart, Having sable garb and you will silent tread, I sustain their senseless soil in order to other individuals, And you may declare that he’s “dead,”

They are not dead! He has got but passed Outside of the mists that blind you right here On the the brand new and you can big life of you to definitely serener fields.

He has got however, dropped their gown out-of clay To get the shining raiment towards; They haven’t yet walked at a distance– They aren’t “shed nor “went.”

Though disenthralled and you will glorified It nevertheless try right here and like united states yet; New precious of those he’s got deserted They never can be forget.

And often, whenever our very own minds grow faint In the midst of temptations tough and you will deep, Otherwise if very wild swells Out of suffering otherwise hobbies sweep,

We feel up on our very own fevered brow Its soft touch, the inhale from balm; The possession enfold all of us, and you can the minds Develop comforted and you can peaceful.

And actually ever near all of us, even when unseen, The dear, immortal comfort tread– For the endless market Is Lives–there aren’t any deceased!