Directors can communicate and connect with one another without the need to travel to or from meetings. This is especially beneficial for nonprofits whose budgets may be limited and don’t permit frequent travel. In addition to reducing costs associated with travel, a virtual meeting provides flexibility and accessibility to a greater range of board members.

Board members should be attentive to the meeting, whether it is online or in person. It’s more difficult to remain focused in remote settings where distractions like coffee or phone rings are more likely. Additionally, it’s common for people to lose focus during online board meetings, if the technology isn’t up to par.

A clear agenda that includes objectives and desired outcomes for each item is the best method to engage board members. This keeps everyone focused and on target increasing productivity and efficiency. Additionally, it’s a great idea to incorporate several breaks during the meeting to keep participants well-rested.

One of the most effective board meeting online options is Fellow, which offers an extremely customizable digital notebook to encourage participation and facilitate powerful conversations. It streamlines workflows with features like in-line task management and recording of meetings. The app also employs AI to take care of the meeting notes for you and frees up your team’s valuable time to concentrate on other areas of your business.